Cooling system

The cooling system is based on the AFCO/F5 radiator supplied in the compete kit.  I supplemented the system using the Breeze supplementary radiator attachment products.  As with all the Breeze products, they were well engineered and worth the extra cost.

The Breeze products are:

The radiator shroud (#70772)

Radiator hinge mounting kit (#70558)

Lower radiator support (#70551)

I found that the installation of the radiator was relatively time consuming, not because of difficulty but due to a necessary application of the axiom ‘measure twice, cut once’.  The installation of the radiator and supports involved rivets, bolts and making sure that the orientation of the parts was correct.  

Below is the AFCO radiator with the shroud and fan attached.

The radiator is attached to the 3/4” frame crosspiece using the Breeze hinge:

Above you can see the hinge drilled for riveting to the radiator.  The hinge was attached to the inner side of the outer (front) radiator tab.  In turn the hinge was attached to the 3/4” frame crosspiece using bolts tapped into the crosspiece:

If your familiar with the F5 frame, there are two, short 3/4” rectangular tube pieces that are welded to the 3/4” crosspiece shown above.  This pieces are used to attach radiators that have filler tubes on the tank, which the AFCO does not.  I had to but those short pieces off using an angle grinder.  Below is the hinge temporarily attached to the crosspiece.

Below is the radiator attached to the hinge:

Not that the ports are to the rear of the radiator.  Below is the radiator temporarily attached to the crosspiece.  The cardboard is to protect the radiator fins.

The radiators needs to sit at approximately a 50 deg. angle so that lateral nose piece aluminum will (in principle) align with the radiator.  I made up a Rube Goldberg alignment device to get the angle correct.

Above you can see that I temporarily secured the radiator bottom at the correct angle using wire ties.  I needed to hold that position so that I could set the lower radiator mount in the correct position:

The lower mount is made by Breeze and attaches to the frame via brackets:

In place:

Showing the relationship between the lower mounting rod and the radiator:

The photo below is the completed radiator assembly.  The shroud and hinge are painted with Rustoleum glossy black over a primer coat.

The radiator is in place, below, at the 50 deg. angle needed to match the most aluminum.  The cardboard is taped on the radiator to protect the radiator fins.

Finally, a view of the radiator in place while I’m standing in the engine compartment.  The radiator is attached to the 3/4” cross bar using 1/4” bolts.  The Breeze instructions, and parts, involve tapping threads into the cross bar and screwing a 1/4” bolt into the threads.  However, that attachment method seemed a bit dicey to me so I drilled the crossbar through and used the 1/4” bolts and nylon lock nuts with threadlocker.